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Mod: “I am Spotted” for WoT


Mod: “I am Spotted” for World of Tanks Author: S0me0ne & BlueW0at. The Mod send a message when you are spotted. Mod disabled in random battles

F11: On/Off



  1. unzip the file in desktop.
  2. edit configuration as you wish,configuration file is in
  3. copy res_mods from desktop to wot folder, replace if needed.

SRC folder contain source code, not needed to copy in your wot folder!


spotmessanger-1.3.2 (50 kb)

YasenKrasen Coloured Messages + session statistics For WoT


This mod makes the message after the fight – colored. There are three versions of this mod. You can download any. This mod has won great popularity on the Russian forum.




Download mod and extract to your ‘World of Tanks’ folder.


Full & Lite (YasenKrasen + Session Statistics) |SoloReborn|:

YasenKrasen_Mini_0. (2 MB)

YasenKrasen_Vanilla_0. (2 MB)

YasenKrasen_Core_0. (2 MB)

SafeShot 0.9.21


The new version of 29 August. Now the opportunity to destroy the enemy shot is blocked for two seconds in order not to waste ammunition or destroy ally accidental shot. Very useful! Author: Skino88

Hot to install:

Folder from the downloaded archive to put in World_of_Tanks res_mods .9.21


safeShot_extended (36 kb)

Zoom x60 for World of tanks 0.9.21 – Zoom x30 x45 x60 based PMOD


Modification Zoom x60 for World of Tanks 0.9.21 is suitable for all lovers of the leisurely game, the main task of which is to the battle as long as possible to remain undetected. Now you can shoot the enemy practically across the map. Zoom is based on PMOD. Author: Pmod

Image 001 Image 002 Image 003

How to install:

Download and unzip on this path: WoT/res_mods/0.9.21


zoom x60 (0.1 Mb)

No Sniper Scroll Mod for 9.21

No sniper scroll to 0.9.21 – mod which removes the transition from arcade to sniper mode.


No sniper scroll – small, but very useful modification for World of Tanks 0.9.21, which removes the transition from the sniper mode to normal sight by using the mouse wheel. This mod is very useful in in close combat, when everything is decided for seconds



Copy the folder res_mods in the game folder.


NoScroll (100 KB)

New mod Navigator for World of Tanks 0.9.21 (3 version)

Considering the variety of additional subprograms developed for the game “World of Tanks”, they can be divided into two groups: made for beauty and benefit to the gamer during the battle. The latter should include a new development of the Navigator for World of tanks. The name speaks for itself. The route is pre-programmed. That’s just not working at all locations. But these are trifles in comparison with its functional.

On the mini-map shows the places showing where it is best to become, in order to fire more efficiently against the enemy. Moreover, after approaching such a site, the player will find out that a thick line appeared on the surface, along which it is necessary to go to the specified point.

mod for WOT

By the color of the route sign it’s easy to understand that it’s better not to stick to the heavy tank here – the engine’s power will not be enough to drag the steel giant onto a steep slope, but on the light tank this task will do. Also, on the ground, there are conventional signs, which will need to perform this or that maneuver to continue the movement – to make a turn or a few meters to pass backwards. A nice bonus was the bright line of the boundary of the game location and the contrast dotted line showing the base area.


Navigator mod 1 MB)

Navigator from Protanki (1 MB)

[9.21] Mod “Lost time” – statistics for the session, tanks, maps, etc.

You can get information about World of Tanks player by looking at his statistics. For some, this data does not matter. For others very important. And it becomes clear why the “Lost Time” mod appeared, displaying statistics for the session, tanks, maps and much more.

Under the confusing name are hidden truly grandiose possibilities of this modification. Thanks to it, a lot of very necessary and detailed information appears in the system channel. Statistics of the receipt of game silver and the accumulation of experience; the damage that the equipment received in combat and the costs associated with it; bans, time spent in hot fights.

Of course, there are combat effectiveness ratings (EFF, WGR and others). Information about the last battle is painted as if in the battle to the player’s tank was attached a lot of fixing devicesand video cameras.

There are data on which the “tanker” can easily determine how successful the battles of the current session were. Or vice versa, it was not worth playing this time. Several shameful “sinks” of the team have brought to naught all the previous positive results.

In addition, the modification has a lot of settings. Using them, you can display data on one parameter, and do not use the others. There are options for assigning “hot” keys, with the help of which interesting data can be seen not only in the hangar but also during the battle.

Mod is available in two versions:

  • Main: EXE-installer, contains mod, all popular skins, and documentation;
  • For developers: ZIP-archive, contains mod and documentation;

Installation Instructions:

  • Run the installer mod
  • Select a folder with the game
  • Choose your favorite skin
  • Install skin

The main configuration file for the mod is located here:
WOT res_mods configs BBMods TimeSpent.json


TimeSpent (48 MB)

Mod ATAC for World of Tanks 0.9.21

In the most intense and crucial moment of the battle, you suddenly realize that the enemy has crept behind and too close. Shot and you are destroyed. In moments of active battle the player simply can not always switch from the sniper to arcade mode. There’s no time. Therefore, player will not be able constantly monitor the flank. This situation can used by the enemy.

To avoid such a situation, you can set the ATAC mod. This mod will be able to warn player about approach of the enemy tanker and even its distance to you. Inform player mod will be using a marker in the form of red and white triangle with an exclamation point.

7777 4444 666

In addition, you can choose the distance, which will be useful and comfortable for you. In the archive you will find 3 options:
150 m.
360 m.
445 m.

The distance to 445 meters is too large, the enemy can not you even notice, and the marker will appear constantly. Comfortable are 360 and 150 meters. But it is yours choice.


Copy the scripts folder in the WOT / res_mods / 0.9.21/.


Mod Атас (73 KB)