Invisibility after a shot from the bush in WoT [0.8.10]



Author: Makct

Description: This mod adds a ring with a radius of 15 meters around your tank, its purpose notify you of the minimum distance to the bushes, where the shots do not give away your tank, thus can be applied to damage remaining nezasvechennym. In sniper mode sight ring is not displayed.

Switched on and off by pressing F9 (the default), which can be replaced in the config Circle15.cfg .

In the archives of 14 different rings, they are in the “Options” to replace – rename one of them and place in World of Tanks res_mods 0.8.10 objects , with the replacement.

Installation: Put the folder scripts and objects from the archive along this path: World_of_Tanks res_mods 0.8.10

2307_Circle-15m.7z – 11 KB

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