Version: World of Tanks 0.8.10

Author: Edrard

We would like to introduce you: Free camera from Edrard. This modification will allow the camera to use the free replay. Help those who make videos for those who want to find the easter eggs (there are many) and many others.
1) Start the desired replay simple double-click or drag and drop files onto the program icon replay worldoftanks.exe (not to be confused with WOTlauncher.exe)
2) Wait until the count before the fight.
3) After the count switch to free camera, single-click the left mouse button once.
4) Simultaneously press the Caps Lock and F3, the camera “unhooked” from the tank. Finish.
The main function keys:
shift + N turns a sight to determine the center of the screen
W, A, S, D – flight camera
Q, D, mouse wheel – move the camera up and down
Insert, Delete – zoom in and out
V – off game interface
1,2,3 .. 0 – change of speed camera flight
P – activation of smooth flight camera
X – the camera moves parallel to the ground keeping a distance
C – linking to a point in the center of the screen, which looks at the camera
CAPS + Z – includes mapping markers technology in off the interface (see above button V)

If you have a commander’s camera, then copy the file to any place avatar_input_handler.xml when replay all do, and will replace the commander’s back to work again.
Unpack the archive into a folder with the modes for the current version of the game.
For example, Games World Of Tanks res_mods 0.8.10 gui . – 127 KB

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