Slots 2 tanks in series for World of Tanks [0.8.10]


Slots 2 tanks in series For WOT (Version 0.8.10)

Author: locastan + 4lCapwns

Description: This mod has slots with tanks in the hangar in 2-3 rows, etc., which is very useful when you have a large fleet of small player or monitor resolution.

* Added icons to the filters.
* Fixed bug on changing position carousel after exiting combat.

Includes configuration TankCarousel.cfg on detailed setup carousel.

Values ​​in it:
2 – the number of rows.
0.85 – size slots.
1.0 – font size of text in icons.

Installation: Put the folder gui and scripts this way: World_of_Tanks res_mods 0.8.10

Slots_2_tanks_in_series_For_WOT__Version_0.8.10_.rar – 3.0 MB

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