Mix mod «Octagon-2″ for the World of Tanks [0.8.10]



Author: llrok + HellCatShi

Description: A comprehensive fashion by replacing almost the entire interface in combat, since indicators ping and FPS, and the last panel damage. Will satisfy fans of futuristic themes in design.

What is included in this assembly:
Arcade Sight (file – crosshair_panel_arcade.swf) Strategic Sight (file – crosshair_panel_strategic.swf) sniper scope (file – crosshair_panel_sniper.swf) Information – arcade, sniper, strategic (files – crosshair_sniper.swf, crosshair_strategic.swf) indicator dealing damage (with price breaks and without) (file – DamageIndicator.swf) The damage with the log panel damage (files – DamagePanel.swf) angles for ArtSAU traverse (file – GunConstraints.swf )

Recycled Panel ping (file – DebugPanel.swf) Replacement bulbs sixth sense (file – battle.swf) Replacement drums (file – QuantityInClipBars.swf)

Differences from other mods:
- Quite unusual shape information and sights.
- Unusual colors.
- horizontal arrangement of drums for cluster tools.
- Complete rejection of raster graphics – as a consequence – a significant relief elements.
- Enlarged icons modules and crew
- Larger strip xn, with the removal of it to center of the screen, under the consumables (thanks for idea to Zayaz).
- Increased icons modules and crew.
- Bright fire indication.
- Bright display stopper machine in Art and PT modes.
- Bright display lag network.
- Watch in battle. ! Be careful! Set list of files not in vain – if you are a fashion that use data files – after installing Mix mod likely failure of their work!

With this panel damage UGN work for arts as a standard.

Installation: Put the folder gui and scripts from the archive along this path: World_of_Tanks res_mods 0.8.10

1397_Octagon_mod-2.rar – 418 KB

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