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8.11 Laser Mod

Numpad 8 – activate/deactivate laser mod Numpad 7 – activate/deactivate laser colors Download

8.11 Tundra Mod


Very complex mod that makes all foliage transparent and adds a grey contour around enemy tanks even when they are behind obstacles.


- F2 - activates the foliage transparency

- NumLock1 - grey contours

8.11 Enemy Gun Direction

a cheat?? o.O

I would say, its just something what makes life in WOT more use it or not, but if not don´t cry like little girls boys... ;)


oh I nearly get something of my mind: don´t report Plazma for posting this...its just a post with a hint for a mod and no obligation to use shut up and let this guy calmly go on with this fantastic work on HIS website... ;)

Thx for your attention


Mod improved distinctive marks on the trunk of tank WOT

Image 6

Would you like to check the level of your team? Install mod improved distinctive marks on the trunk for World of Tanks

As you know for  good results in the battle players receive a special mark on the  trunks of tanks. These marks are the result of good abilities and skills tanker. If you install this modification  all marks on the trunks  allie’s and enemy’s tanks will become more visible and modern. All marks are improved and some tanks are recycled under the emblem of the nation. Now to noticed a strong opponent will be easier.

Image 686574

Mod completely legal and is not risk for the player. You can free to use it and make your game more comfortable.


Mod improved distinctive marks on the trunk (150 KB)

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[0.9.7] Progress Indicator Text Mod by drhideg

The players rating without XVM in the battle []

3 (1)

XVM mod is simply indispensable for players. It shows players with a personal rating and rating players in team. So you will know whith whom you will be playing in the team. But players with weak PC can not use it because it use too many resources.

But mod  personal rating in battle without XVM will help and will not plant a FPS. To demonstrate personal player rating, mod uses WG rating, which is produced by WG API. In the archive you will find 2 choices of mod:

– Rating WGR
– Rating EFF

Recall that the EFF Rating displays % wins +  the number of battles. A Rating WGR – this is the scale that determines the efficiency of the player, it is the replacement XVM mod. Lovers and professionals can be distinguished by color:

red – noob

brown – very bad player

yellow – bad player

green – norm

blue – good

purple – cheater

Plus mod has easy and affordable configuration file:
WOT res_mods configs StatsInBattle StatsInBattle.json. Do not forget to use program NotePad++.

3 (1)shot_311


The players rating without XVM  (8 MB)

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[] clanMod for World of Tanks
The calculator of effectiveness in battle for World of tanks

[] Mod “Armor learning in the hangar” for WOT

Image 1

Here is the mod that can introduce you  with all  tank weaknesses you are interested in.

This modification is part of the assembly  ProTanki, one of the most popular modpacks for players. The enemy tank contact  does not always guarantee a strong penetration or damage. Since starting 5-level tanks have such protection as armor. Each tank has its own degree of penetration and booking seats. Therefore, the main task here is not just a hit but hit in a weak spot in the protection that would cause maximum damage to the enemy.

For this purpose you will need mod “Armor learning in the hangar.” Mod is convenient to use. With its helps you can explore all the impenetrable and weaknesses in booking any tank that is in your hangar. If you will use mod ShowVehicle you will be able to explore even tanks that you do not have in your hangar . All data will be available in the form of tablets with all thickness, summation and above reservation.  Also a great advantage of mod is calculated the maximum angle of contact and penetration by player. It is making your shot more effective .

Here you can see how this mod use


Follow the path: scripts in WOT / res_mods / /


Armor learning in the hangar  (200 KB)

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Save Shells mod for WOT


Agree its unpleasant situation when in the midst of battle, in the most responsible and the most appropriate moment you realize that the shells are not left. Here is a great moment, but you just have nothing to fight back. You understand that time lost and all because of your carelessness.

To avoid a similar, unpleasant situations – we offer mod which called Save Shells which means the warnings about the end of the projectiles. Well from the name it is clear its specific purpose. But  also there are additional features:

– Sound signal. When the amount of ammunition is reduced to 20%, you will hear a sound notification about it. But the specific number you can set yourself.

– You can set both 2 beeps when half of supplies and at the end.

Author of mod is Wanket player.


Save Shells (200 KB)

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[0.8.10] Mod “Stalin Remover”
The enemies and allies recharge timer for World of Tanks 9.15

[] Colored tracers for World of Tanks


This mod changes the color and increases the rendering time of tracers, so you have time to see where you were to shot. The tracers are painted in different colors – all depends on the projectile. White / yellow tracer – the enemy shot from armor-piercing, purple and pink – a golden.  All tracers are very visible on any maps.
With colored tracer very comfortable to play on the arty, because you will see where shoots and who in a few meters. It is also possible to calculate the position of the enemy tank destroyer.

This mod  is considered as a cheat because it gives an advantage. So you install it at your own risk.

How to install:

Download and unzip the archive on this path: /World_of_Tanks/res_mods/


Colored tracers (20 KB)

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[] Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree v0.942

Mod free camouflage for World of Tanks


Now you do not need to spend your gold for the purchase of camouflage. You can get it for free

Camouflage special role  or special advantage in battle does not have. It is more aesthetic than practical necessity. But nevertheless to buy camouflage is not so easy. To do this you need to spend gold, which can be spent on more useful things.


Today we present mod free camouflage in the hangar and in battle. Mod completely legal, as your camouflage will be see only you and pleasure of it will get only you. But it is free!  Enjoy.

Authors of mod are tratatank + WOTsite.



Copy folder scripts  in  WOT / res_mods / /


Mod free camouflage (60 KB)

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[] Fireworks when you destruct the enemy tank

Vertical Tree for WoT

Сompact vertical tree research modules tanks.

How to install:

Download and unzip the file

Select extension

Сopy res_mods folder and instal to game directory.


vertical-tech-tree-hi-edition (1 Mb)

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[] Show any tank in Hangar (ShowVehicle)

1 (1)

Hello everyone,

With this mode you will be able to see anyone, not even researched the tank in the hangar. Author: The_IzeBerg

3 (1) 2 (1)

How To install:

Download mod and unpack it.

Folders “gui” and “scripts” put here: WoT/res_mods/


 ShowVehicle (20 Kb)

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[] White tracks when tracked

white tracks

Mod: White tracks when tracked for World of Tanks Author:

You’ll know better when tank is tracked and therefore vulnerable

How To install:

Download and unzip the archive.
Folder “” copy and paste on this path: WoT/res_mods/


White damaged tracks (1.6 Mb)

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